LB: Well, I'm sure if someone one upped his deduction he'd shut up
LB: And if he shut up maybe I could help him be nice for a change

Your name is CORY FARREL. You love being a SHREWD CHARACTER. You tower over the EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT with INTELLIGENCE and UTTER OBSCURITY. You are TACITURN and SINGULAR in your INTENDANCE of ACQUAINTANCES, and thusly you ALLOCATE much of your TIME towards ASCERTAINING more ABSTRUSE VERBIAGE into your VOLUMINOUS LEXICON. You also enjoy FABRICATING POLEARMS OF NOMINAL EXTIRPATION. You type utilizing varied thesauri in your communication of your many and distinguished cogitations. You also like the frustration others evince toward your chosen coloration of font. However, when you become intrigued, distracted, or at all in a rush, you tend to fall back upon your already expansive vocabulary, although it’s not quite as intimidating or annoying as your favored method of pestering.

Cory Farrel is a character in both the Turfstruck and the Havenseized series of MSWordAdverntures. In the first, he was slated to be the Scholar of Paradox, whose powers had not been entirely straightened out. In Havenseized, Cory will be the Scholar of Time.


Cory is almost exactly 5' 1", and weighs around 125 pounds. Soda-bottle glasses leave half his face obscured by the refraction, and his bowl-cut black hair covers most of the rest. He wears jeans, a greenish-blue T-shirt, and a brown jackt of some kind. His symbol is two intersecting circles, one white, one black.


Cory always seems to come off as a bit cold to everyone he meets. The fact that he doesn't like people, according to him, has nothing to do with it, it's just that they're all insane and can't appreciate the fact that he's better than them. He's also incredibly smart, or at least claims to be. No one has ever fully understood what he says, so no one has any problems allowing him to keep his delusions.

He adamantly refuses to make himself close to any being like that. He does, however, dislike Emma the least of the group.


Aside from his aforementioned position as soon-to-be Scholar of Time and past (?) position as Scholar of Paradox, his only powers are an abnormal expertise in his patented Polearms of Nominal Extirpation, which are long metal rods with large slingshots that double as a macelike weapon on the end. The fact that he can wield them expertly does not detract from the other fact that they are effective at slightly more than whacking people on the head. The slingshot part is only slightly functional.

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