Ninjafury by legs250-d3gnwig

Mark LeFury, as drawn by Legs250.

Mark LeFury is one of the Kids and a protagonist of Havenseized. He was raised by Gramps, his grandfather and a ninja, who taught Mark how to wield a katana, move like a ninja, and eventually bought Mark the Ninja Modus, based off of the old fly-catching activity Mark hated.

Mark is an avid gamer, playing any and all games he can get his hands on. He particularly likes the Halo series, although he has also played games such as Pokemon, World of Warcraft, and Neopets at one point or another.


-Seth Graves and Mark seem to be friends (despite, like every other Kid, they have never met), although Mark appears to be of the opinion that Seth needs his protection and that Seth is completely incapable of protecting himself (as shown in Turfstruck). So far in Havenseized, they have only had one conversation via Pesterchum, so their relationship in Havenseized has not been established.

-Troy Viksen and Mark seem to either be rivals or potential friends. The two, in Turfstruck, set up the Blue team (which Mark led) and the Red team (which Troy led). So far in Havenseized, the two have talked about SBURB, but have yet to actually display what they think of each other.

-Cory Farrel and Mark... Well, the two have yet to enter a conversation where Mark doesn't wish to slice Cory's head off, but... Mark still considers Cory a friend. Just not one he would want to play a video game with.

-Ryan Erriks and Mark have yet to talk in Havenseized.

-Emma Marrin and Mark have yet to talk in Havenseized.

-Rain Walker and Mark have yet to talk in Havenseized.

-Alvi Asgeir and Mark seem to have a rather good relationship, both being gamers who enjoy pestering each other. However, they have not talked enough so far to tell what their relationship may be.

-Mark and his Guardian, Gramps, seem to have a rather good relationship, despite Mark getting annoyed at the elder ninja's antics and his white heron, which flies around the house constantly.


Mark LeFury has trained with his katana since he was strong enough to hold it, and has since proven deadly with it. In Turfstruck, Mark decapitated many Bionic Imps with his TRUSTED KATANA, all with his amazing ninja speed. Mark, as the Ninja of Space, will acquire the ability of teleportation and the power to wield the GALACTIC KATANAS. His abilities of teleportation are not exactly limited to just within his own universe, but has the potential to visit other sessions so long as he is wielding the GALACTIC KATANAS, which boost his natural powers as the Ninja of Space.