"♪ Helloooooooo loooosers! ♪"

Melusa Recino serves as the Witch of Sound for the Sanctumlocked session. She is absurdly moody, b****y, whiney, and almost always p***ed.

At the beginning of Sanctumlocked, the only quadrant she has filled is her moiraillegiance with Vequix. She constantly bemoans her inability to find a worthy suitor for kismesitude and ANY suitor for matespritship.

Melusa is an extremely avid FLARPer, and when discussing canon trolls, often refers to them by FLARP alias if they have one. She herself goes by the alias Sireness Jeervein, after her ancestor. Also like her ancestor, she acts as a pirate.

FLARP PrologueEdit

In the prologue of Sanctumlocked, Melusa is FLARPing, attempting to take down the canon character Eridan, FLARPing as Orphaner Dualscar. She manages to narrowly escape defeat by taking advantage of a careless mistake on Dualscar's part, and readies her weapon to execute him (With the intention of having her first execution by her own hands), only to be thwarted by Vallis Praeco. She responds by berating him with hateful words and cursing, before sending him off.