Troy Viksen is yet another player in the Havenseized SBURB session. He is the
session's Knave of Chaos, which is a rare role in that Heroes of Chaos are
notably destructive in just about every manner. 


Troy's Guardian. Named after the creator of the periodic table, Dimitri
Mendeleev, which serves as the base for all trolltags of our Troll characters.
He is Earth's First Guardian, and as such is omnipotent, although not 
omniscient. He also has an uncontrollable obsession with bells, as shown when
Troy uses them for a trap involving stairs and SBaHJ.
Dimitri and Troy have an odd relationship similar to that of Bro and Dave 
Strider from the Homestuck series, in that Dimitri often attacks Troy, in an
effort to train him. He also, however, teleports countless materials to Troy's
Castle/House, such as food, a computer, ammunition, bells (Ironically), and a 
copy of SBURB. 


Troy has a rather laid back attitude, and is known to repeatedly attempt to act
'chill'. However, nerve-racking circumstances often lead him into failing 
spectacularly in his efforts. He has a particular distaste for Cory, as he finds
him annoying, and occasionally makes stabs at Mark, for unknown reasons. He is,
however, good friends with Seth, Rain, Ryan, and the unfortunately 
discontinued character Rina.